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Masterfox Connections Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based System Integrator that prides ourselves in being a quality systems, network and internet integrator, providing our customers with a complete computing solution starting from consultation, design and implementation right through rectification and annual maintenance.
We thank you for your interest in working with us.
For the majority of businesses, the most efficient way to work with us is through our Affiliate Programme. Our Affiliate programme allows you to earn commissions by referring potential clients to us.
If you are an Accountant, Auditor, Book-Keeper, Company Secretary, Commercial Insurance Agent, Commerical Property Agent, Tax Agent, Professional Service Provider etc., our affiliate programme will fit well into your business or product offerings.
The following are some of key highlights of the our Affiliate Programme. Remember, when you sign-up as an Affiliate, we will give you our fullest support. Afterall, when you succeed, we do too!

  • What is the Masterfox Affiliate Programme?
    The Masterfox Affiliate Programme allows you to earn money by referring clients to Masterfox through recommendations, word-of-mouth referrals, email referrals or even by placing banner advertisements, text links on your website. You will be provided a unique Associate ID for tracking of all your referrals and when these clients sign-up for Masterfox's IT Maintenance, Masterfox pays you a commission.

  • High commissions
    Enjoy commissions starting from 5% and up to as high as 10% of the ANNUAL CONTRACT SUM for Masterfox's IT Maintenance, simply by referring successful leads to us. There is no need to worry about inventory, service fulfillment, customer service etc. Leave it all to us. Its that simple!

  • Client reconigition of up to 6 calendar months
    Unlike other affiliate programmes, we do not track sales conversion within a 30 day period. We believe that some potential clients may need time to decide, especially when dealing with something as important as the maintenance of their IT infrastructure. As such, as long as the client signs-up for Masterfox's IT Maintenance within 6 calendar months of your referral, you will still be entitled to the referral commission. It does not matter if they decide to wait 3 months to make a decision. You will get the same commission once they sign-up within a 6 calendar month window.

  • No-limit referral scheme
    You will be pleased to know that we do not enforce a cap to maxmium amount of referral commission that an affiliate can earn. Unlike other affiliate programmes, we believe that the sky is the limit! The more successful referrals you make, the more you will earn!

  • Where do I sign up?
    Joining and signing up as an affiliate is easy. Best of all, its FREE! Simply click here and apply online. Once your application has been received, it will go through an internal evaluation process and you will get a return email within 2 business days.

  • How does the Masterfox Affiliate Programme work?
    Once your affiliate application has been approved, you will receive an email with your own unique Affiliate ID. Thereafter, you are ready to provide us with the relevant referrals by accessing the referral form located at The form requires you to fill-in the required information and you MUST indicate your Affiliate ID in the submission as that's the ONLY way we know who to credit the commission. Once you submit the referral form, we will take care of the rest. We will contact the potential client, arrange a meet-up and negiotate an appropriate Masterfox's IT Maintenance solution for them.

  • How do I get paid?
    When a potential client signs-up for Masterfox's IT Maintenance, we will take into account the Affiliate ID that has been associated with this client. Upon receiving the initial payment from the client, your comission of 5% of the annual contract sum will be dispatched to you, based on the instructions submitted with your affiliate sign-up, within 30 calendar days.

  • Can I use Masterfox content from the Masterfox websites?
    Unfortunately, the Masterfox website and its accompanying content are protected by copyright. However, if there is a selection of the content that you would like to use, we would appreciate if you can contact us, informing us exactly what is required. We will then revert accordingly.

Hesitate no more.
Simple click here and sign-up for our Affiliate Programme today.