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An Instant Message Logger

Do your employees, colleagues, subordinates use Instant Messengers to communicate with your client and suppliers?

In our experience, small businesses tend to use a lot of Instant Messengers to communicate with their clients and suppliers alike as they are efficient and most importantly, very time sensitive. A query could be replied within 10 seconds and its this, along with the ease of use that have seen Instant Messengers explode across all levels of the business hierarchy.

Convenience and ease of use does bring along its own set of problems. Have you ever wished you can log all these Instant Messengers conversations in a central location in event you might be required to retrieve them for verification?

We listened to our clients and their feedback as to how we may address their concerns and are pleased to announce the immediate availability of  MFC-iLogIM – An Instant Messenger Logger.

Key Benefits of MFC-iLogIM

  • Small footprint and friendly hardware requirements
  • Easy logging mechanism for all major Instant Messenger protocols
  • Central logging facility
  • Clear precise GUI log presentation
  • Password protected GUI
  • Highly configurable 

Monitor, Block, Filter

MFC-iLogIM is an Instant Messenger logger with monitoring, blocking and content-filtering capabilities and has been specifically designed and developed for Small Businesses after numerous requests for a similar solution by our existing clients. MFC-iLogIM currently supports MSN, Jabber/XMPP, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, IRC and Gadu-Gadu, and is able to log conversations to plain files or databases and present the information in a neat web environment.

Why Log Instant  Messenger Conversations?
You may be wondering why people would want to log Instant Messenger conversations. Well, there clearly is an avenue for abuse but there are also legitimate reasons as to why people would want to log Instant Messenger conversations. Some individuals may be of the opinion that if they cannot monitor usage, they must block it. But blocking something may lead to conversations simply being made by other channels. Logging means that the user's freedom to use Instant Messengers is maintained, while giving the business owners and stakeholders, etc, the knowledge that they can retrieve the chat logs should they require. As such, in some situations, MFC-iLogIM actually stimulate the use of Instant Messengers

It's Supported
MFC-iLogIM as with all other MFC-i solutions, is backed by a team of dedicated and experienced professionals. You can always rely upon the Masterfox support engineers to turn your complex requirements into a reality ...

  • What MFC-iLogIM Does
    • Log instant messenger conversations for all major protocols like MSN, Jabber/XMPP, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, IRC and Gadu-Gadu
    • Provides a central logging facility for review and presentation
    • Provides a clear precise GUI log presentation that is password protected to ensure limited access
    • Provides  hassle free controls – define who you would will like to log and whom is to be excluded
    • Uses a combination of Open Source applications that are already deployed in numerous organizations. No guinea-pig testing. Its a solution that works!
  • Why Log IM Conversations?
    • As more businesses use Instant Messengers to communicate, there is a need to provide a trail of communication and events
    • Minimize disputes, discrepancies and mis-communications
    • Minimize legal lmplications
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