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Our Projects

Besides providing IT Maintenance services to our clients, we are also heavily involved in projects that may arise as a result of business growth and enhancements.

Having completed more than 250 projects from a variety of sectors and job scopes, Masterfox has an established track record in providing our clients with quality computing solutions coupled with unparallel customer service.

We believe in working closely with our clients to identify and develop solutions for their needs. Our repeat clientele attests to the capability and quality in our service delivery, from consultation, recommendation and implementation right through rectification and annual maintenance. The following are some of our featured projects.

    Performed requirement and ROI analysis for the client, championing the replacement of an existing Windows Domain Controller with a Linux based Samba server. The presentation and analysis allowed the client to visualize the benefits arising from the changes recommended. This then lead to the subsequent implementation, by Masterfox, of a Linux based Samba server, a squid proxy server and an internal intranet web server.

    Installation and setup of an email server complete with POP3, POP3S, IMAP, IMAPS, spam filtering, attachment filtering, anti-virus attachment scanning and email archive functionalities for a local SME with remote offices in Vietnam, Hong Kong, China and Australia.

    Masterfox was contracted to perform security consulting. Included in the job was fact-finding, recommendations and implementation of a suitable firewall solution for the client.

    Masterfox was contracted by our existing client to evaluate a third-party company and software platform. Our consultant and engineers analyzed all aspects of the company, staff, systems, architecture, code, quality assurance, patents and prcoesses before delivering a fully-researched, detailed, 100+ page technology due diligence report that was used by our client, as a basis for their negotiations for a takeover offer.

    Performed data mining and recovery services for a local client when their file server crashed due to a mechanical failure. Data mining and recovery was carried out over the next 72 hours and over 80% of data was subsequently recovered and delivered back to the client.

    Masterfox was contracted by a client based in Shanghai, China, to remotely guide their existing IT support staff through the process of upgrading their DNS and file servers. During the entire duration, Masterfox engineers were online with the client, communicating through VOIP and our in-house remote assistance facilities.

    Performed an network re-design for an existing client. Over the years, due to the lack of funding, calls for network and server upgrades went un-budget. This time around, the client was ready to commit to our submitted upgrade plans. A complete network and server re-design was carried out and this was done with minimal downtime, using only after-office hours for all required engineering and hardware replacemnet works.

    In line with the government's call to provide better work-life balance, our client engaged Masterfox to provide them with the required consultancy and technical setup for the implementation of satelite offices and home-based remote access. Using existing opensource technologies, we were able to bring together the client's required 3 satelite offices, all interconnected to each other via a cost-effective site-to-site VPN solution that is based on our own MFC-iVPN product line. This allowed the client and his staff to cut down travel time and yet function seamlessly as if physically in the same office. Using readily available and cost efficient Dynamic IP Internet access plans, users at home or at one particular office, could easily send their files or print jobs over the VPN connection to a printer located in another office. Seamless integration and no need for facnyful equipment.

    Having been spooked by the lost of company data during a virus outbreak, a local client engaged Masterfox to recommend and implement a data backup solution. After studying their existing IT infrastructure, a number of recommendations were made. This included facilities for automated backup of PC and notebook data to the company server, a local data backup server as well as our own MFC-iRBackup facility. This 3 spoke approach tackled the all requirements of the client.

    Client came to us with an unusual requirement. All their users are comfortable with using Microsoft Outlook and do not want to change from that email client. However, they would like to have facilities for shared calendars and shared address book - but without the deployment of a Microsft Exchange Server as its costly and above their budget. Working with the requirements, we were able to provide the client with a solution that allowed them to remain with their favourite email client, as well as enjoy the benefits of having shared calendars, shared folders and shared address book, all without the use of a Microsoft Exchange Server. The client has been overjoyed since and have gone on to sign-up with us for IT Maintenance.